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Welcome to The Blue Highway Beacon

Updated: Jun 1

Thank you once more for taking an interest in the mission of Blue Highway Advisory. This is the first dispatch in a series from the company that will, in early phases, be semi-regular, as news dictates, but will soon develop into a full-scale, regularly emailed newsletter that will provide more informational updates on our capabilities, our range of services, our new hires, and our client work -- to include reports of significant client victories and relevant case studies.


We’ll also, when appropriate, provide guidance, advice or commentary on news or industry events that catch our eye.


This first communication highlights a recent Lawdragon profile of Blue Highway Advisory and its founder, Ian Christopher McCaleb.


Lawdragon is a prestigious legal sector media and information services publishing company whose glossy magazine is essential reading in law firms big and small around the world.


The piece highlight’s how McCaleb devised the concept of hard-nosed advocacy for creators (musicians, composers, songwriters, authors, visual artists, filmmakers and more), after working for years as a frontline national and international journalist, a senior US government spokesman, an investigator, and a crisis manager and strategic communicator.


Blue Highway will always have a firm place in the worlds of litigation and crisis communications, but its heart beats in large part to make these services available to the creative world, in ways that have never been attempted.


See how he envisioned, devised and structured Blue Highway to provide top-tier services to law firms, individuals and organizations of all stripes that are facing some sort of existential, legal or reputational crisis, while providing access to all forms of advocacy, PR, crisis management, legal advice and referral, and so many more services, to an expansive community of creators who want to fight to preserve their rights and the dignity of their work.


Where did Blue Highway come from? Find out here.

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